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The Rain Walker

by Julie Noever

They knew it was going to rain. The sky was thick with the smell of water waiting to burst through. Two ladies, one small and one just a slip, marched through the field in stiff rubbery raincoats.

The Slip was not naturally adventurous. This was a secret. She worried about lots of little things that grew large and hungry in her mind until they were too big for her to fight. Waiting for the rain made her heart thump so loudly, she worried her sister would hear it.

The Small One grinned at the Slip from under her hood. Rain-walking was not for the fainthearted. You could tell a seasoned rain walker from their jaunty stride and the glint of crazy in their eye, something which the Small One had clearly mastered. The Slip wanted to be brave, and she carried the weight of all that want wherever she went.

At the first drop, the two ladies stopped to welcome the rain. A patter soon grew to a full orchestra of drummers, beating down so hard even the Slip’s raincoat shuddered.

Slowly, the Slip slid out of her trembling raincoat.

Out from under the weight of all the want, the Slip began the dance of the mad rain walker. She thrashed all the worry out and stomped all the bravery in, and when she was done she grinned a soggy, crazy-eyed grin at her audience of one.


Julie Noever is a Sydney-based writer, reformed nomad, hoarder of stories and advocate for the belly laugh.

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