Stress Is A Killer

by Emma Salkild

“Stress is a killer of hair,” my hairdresser had said.

I bring my new shampoo into the bathroom. It’s supposed to put volume into thinning hair.  As I massage the shampoo into my head, chunks of hair come loose. My scalp is so sensitive that the water makes my head sting.

The hair must be blocking the drain because foamy water is coming up in my shower, covering my toes. As I bend down to unclog it, I pull up some hair and scream. Blood drips from the ends. I touch my scalp and when I bring my fingers up to my face I see red liquid dripping down my hands. I turn off the tap but the frothy water continues to grow around me. Bits of red swim through it like blood clots. I try and sidestep it but I slip on the foam and my body hits the bathroom tiles. Pain pulses through me and I try and stand but I’m winded. The water has a life of its own. It swirls around the bathroom, covering the entire floor. Blood clots are crawling up my legs.

“Help,” I scream, trying to get to my feet but no one is home. A jolt of pain pierces through my leg; it might be broken. The water is now five inches deep. My legs are completely covered in red and the blood clots are moving up towards my belly.

I try to scream again as they fill my throat.


Emma Salkild is a freelance writer and editor. Her fiction work will be published in print later this year with the Australian Literature Review. She is also the contributing editor for Alternative Media Group and writes reviews on theatre, film and music for Sydney City News and City Hub.

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  1. #1 by marc nash on April 29, 2011 - 8:54 am

    Ouch, that’s harsh writing! Me, I wash my hair while in the bath. Therefore I would likely drown in blood if such a scenario happened to me.

  1. Bite-sized horror piece published online « Emma Salkild

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